The Brandintegr8 /Parow Golf Club community instance is a communication platform for all club news, golf related articles and issues that may affect your enjoyment of the great game of golf.

The instance allows for general discussion and the creation of focussed groups so that specific news or instructions can be directed to the right golfer.

Our business listing directory will allow you to list your business so that a fellow members who is looking for the services that you provide can look inward at their club and support local business.

It will provide advertisers with a targeted audience of potential customers.

Brandintegr8 will source advertisers for the instance and share the revenue with Parow Golf Club as a means of driving much needed additional revenue to the Golf Club.

By registering as a free member on BrandInteGr8 / Parow Golf Club you have access to the clubs newsletter, competition results, club calendar and other information that is shared from time to time.

Oh ….and we would love you to share your pictures of Parow Golf Club as motivation and inspiration for others.